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A locally-owned, woman-led, Latino-owned small business.

Diana, Charlie, Coco, &

Daniel Apolino Morales

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Our Story

It all began with a little boy who loved Magic...

I was only 10 years old when I entered the doors of my first magic shop. Little did I know how at that very moment my life would change forever. I lived and breathed magic; read new and old books, practiced every day, and filled my journals with magical dreams of what could be. When I was 18, I was lucky enough to work in that same magic shop. It was there that I gained the confidence to pursue Magic.

And so it was that as a 21-year-old I booked a one-way flight to the Island of Oahu to become a street performer. I was Daniel Apolino the Magician, busking every night for the love of the art. As a street performer, I made my way from Hawaii to Los Angeles, from San Francisco to Colorado, and from Paris, France to New York City. 

While finishing my college studies, it was there that I fell in love with my wife Diana, whom I had known throughout our youth. After graduating college, we left everything behind, and with two one-way tickets, we made our way back to Hawaii. Dressed in black, coffee in hand, yet again I found myself performing on the streets of Waikiki. Every night a new adventure, performing for thousands of crowds from around the world. 

In mid-2011, Diana and I made our way to Arizona. It was there that we found an interest in Education. We were inspired by the positive impact and change we could make as educators. I taught English Language Arts, and Diana taught Fine Arts. I returned to graduate school and earned a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. Shortly after graduating, I accepted a High School Principal role. As I continued to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Business, I led the opening of an alternative high school for at-risk youth with a unique educational curriculum.

During this time our family grew from just the two of us to the four of us, our children Coco and Charlie were born. In 2019 we decided to make our way to our Brooklyn neighborhood in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York where I recently served an executive role at a non-profit community-based New York City organization.

All the while and through it all, Magic has continued to play an important role in both my personal and professional life. From busking on the streets to performing at local and state fairs. From local theater performances to private events. Rated a top professional performing magician since 2017, including 2020 and 2021 in Brooklyn, NY.

Combining our backgrounds in education and magic has been a constant dream for Diana and me. For years we've imagined a unique educational magic shop and performance space. A place for growing families to feel like anything and everything magical is possible. A safe space for children and adults to explore their magical interests. A magical place for all. And so it was that Brooklyn Magic Shop came to be. 

We are very grateful for the love and support we've received from our neighborhood and community. We are beyond excited for this magical journey and for what's to come. We have so much planned and we can't wait to share it all with you.